The Valhalla Mud© Engine (VME©); is offered in three packages, plus an optional business license. Each package differs only by the amount of players, mobs and objects that are allowed.
Public Domain Free Package
This package is free for the asking. It is limited to 3 players, 1500 room, 4000 objects, and 1500 mobs.
Enthusiast Package
This package is no longer available.
Super Enthusiast Unlimited Package
This package allows unlimited players, rooms, objects, and mobs. It is the must have elite package for the serious mudder, or business. All at a low price of $99.95.
Business License
The business licenses allows you make money from your mud, accepting donations, selling power items, etc. All for a reasonable $899.00. Upgrades are free for the first year from the date of release, Upgrades after this will be available at the following prices:
One year upgrade plan Enthusiast
One year upgrade plan Super Enthusiast
One year business plan upgrade

You can download any of the above mentioned packages, since they are all one in the same, from the download page either from the web or via ftp. If you wish to purchase any of the other packages, then you will need to either send your visa/mastercard or check/money order. You may also fill out our secure order form at for more information please contact You will also need to generate a register.dat and email it to Shortly after your payment is received you will receive via email, your registration key, which will have the instructions on what to do then.

We will have a secure web site up in the future to allow purchase over the web, but for your and our security we currently prefer either PGP email, or regular postal mail.

Thanks for your interest,

VME© Development Team.