The VME© Business License

Think of it, you now can make money from your hard invested time, labor and equipment that you run your mud on. Many people have said, you can't make money on a "pay" mud, but that is a false hood in it's entirety. Valhalla MUD has been a pay mud for a few years now and has made a substantial amount of money in the process. People will pay for a good product if they have a reason. There are many way to make money from a good mud, you can take donations, sell power items, t-shirts and other related products of your mud.

But, without the business license you can't make a dime off your work, sure for some people they wouldn't have it any other way. But are you like that person, or would you like to see some of your time and labor, maybe that T1 or T3 line? Then get the business license for your VME © server today.

Valhalla MUD© Engine License