VME Command and Skill Manual

Ken Perry

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Parts of a Command or Skill
DIL structure for Command and Skill
Defines for a Command
Defines for a Skill
Compiling the Defines
3. Creating a Command
4. Creating a skill
5. Creating an Attack skill
A. Internal functions list
B. The Commands Define file
C. The Values for skills
D. Commands Zone
E. The Skills Zone
List of Tables
2-1. Mud time defines
List of Examples
2-1. SitDIL command shell
2-2. Who Define
2-3. Social Define
2-4. Kick Define
3-1. Original bury define
3-2. DIL command basic structure
3-3. Command Design
3-4. Finished Command
4-1. Diagnose Define
4-2. Diagnose Pseudo Code
4-3. Diagnose DIL
4-4. Skill Resist DIL
4-5. Positive Open Roll
4-6. Negative Open Roll
5-1. Kick Define
5-2. Kick Pseudo Code
5-3. Kick DIL