Creating a Character

When you first connect to the Valhalla Mud, actually every time, you will be asked for your name.

At this time you will have to be a bit original, chances are names like Merlin are taken so pick something clever bedcause it is what you will be called.

If at this time it spits at you and says invalid name, you will have to check the FAQ page cause you are probably dealing with a troublesome Macintosh.
(Click the button to find the FAQ page)
Once you have entered and verified your password, you will be asked for your mother's maiden name for security reasons.

Next, you will be asked for your email address, if you have one. This will enable the administration of Valhalla to get in touch with you in for announcements and other such things
* Note your email address will not be used often and will be kept confidential until you wish otherwise.

Next, you will be asked to choose the gender of your character. This should be fairly self explanitory.

Next, you must choose the race of your character. This is an important decision. Currently, the following races are availible;

The different races form different characters. Each race has its own advantages. One race may be characterized as being dexterous, others as strong.

The table below lists how hard / easy it is for a race to gain in abilities. Note however that races also affect the cost of skills, spells & weapons (these are not listed as the list is very long):
HumanElf DwarfHalflingGnome

This will give you no special advantages, but also no setbacks. This race gives you good possibilities for developing a multi-class character.
The closest thing to the human race, although a little different. The elves have always been noted as being intelligent and divine beings, though not very strong in magic.
The dwarves are not, as many think, less intelligent than humans. But through their smaller size, they have built up a much better constitution and strength. They are horrible at using magic but some dwarves are known to be clerics.
Quick and dexterous, but not that strong. Many halflings seek the wonders of magic or thievery to defend themselves.
Small and quick. They mostly rely on magic to defend themselves, as their foes almost always seem stronger than them. They are probably the most intelligent humanoid race.

After race you must choose the alignment of your character. You can be good, evil or neutral. This will determine what equipment you can wear, the effect some spells have on you, and which guilds you may join. If you later change your mind, there are ways to become good or evil during play, but this is not easy.

The guild your character is can be very important. In Valhalla you are allowed to switch guilds during the game (all though it is recommended that you remain in each guild for at least 30 levels) So choose that which interests you and get ready to have some fun.