The Basics

Once you have created your character you are thrust into the world of Valhalla. You will be given some preliminary equipment as well as some aliases in your dictionary. (If you don't know what I'm talking about it is ok) The equipment you are provided with depends upon the guild you have chosen, you should have;


There are a large amount of commands available on Valhalla Mud, please click here to see a list.

There are many catagories in which these commands fall, let's begin by getting dressed, to check and see what you are wearing type equipment (You can abbreviate commands like this, eq is a common abbreviation for the equipment command) If you are not wearing anything it's time to see what you have. To do this you need type inventory (commonly abbreviated as simply i) The mud will take care of the various places that you can wear things, if you type wear all it will do its best to dress you, you may find in the future that you need to juggle things around a little depending on the circumstances so to do this you can type wear or remove followed by the name of the item in question.
Example: wear armour
It is pretty important that during battle you are armed, in order to wield an item you need type wield
Example: wield sword