A zone is a group of rooms, objects, and monsters (sometimes referred to as non player characters, mobiles, mobs, etc.). Normally the rooms are linked together to form either a city, forest, or even a distant world.
With the Valhalla Mud Engine, the creation of zones becomes limitless. The revolutionary interpretive mud language know as DIL (database interpretive language), has been exclusively designed to allow the builder to create a world that not only looks good, but has a life of its own.
To create a zone all you need is a simple text editor and the run the zone through the VMC (valhalla mud compiler). The VMC checks the zone's validity and reports error messages if there is any problem.
A builder can create objects that have a personality like a dancing sword, create a mob that will actually go to the store, buy some flour, eggs, and then go home and whip up a nice healthy loaf of bread. Your imagination is the limit.
Some muds start out with only a few zones, others don't go up until they have many ready, which ever way you choose is the best way for you. You might want to contact sales@valhalla.com for information on ready made zones that are available for sale if you are interested. Also check out our user contributions ftp://ftp.blinksoft.com/vme/contrib/zone for zones that have been donated by other VME users for your free enjoyment.