How-to Download VME©

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April 17th,2001
V2.0-2 - Update.dil.txt dil.txt and install.txt fixed for readability

Can I get free VME © ?

As a matter of fact you can, although the free version of VME © is limited in the respects of how many player, rooms, mobs and objects you can have it is free for non-commercial use. If you decide you want to upgrade to the unlimited Enthusiast version all you need to do is create a register key, using the register program included in the vme © package, and send it to with your payment and we will send you your key file to unlock to full potential of your VME ©.

Under what terms can I operate a VME server?

You must agree to the VME License in order to operate a VME. Please read the license before proceeding in downloading the VME server.

Where can I get VME © ?

You can choose to download either the VME© Optomized for RedHAT 6.2 or 7.0 from our web server or ftp server at the following:

web vme-2.0-2.tgz or ftp vme-2.0-2.tgz  Optimized for RedHAT 6.2 
web vme-2.0-2.tgz or ftp vme-2.0-2.tgz  Optimized for RedHAT 7.0 
Note: These Files will work on compatible Linux operating systems.

I got it now, now what?

You will first need to unpack the archive. By using the following command the vme package will unpack into a vme directory in your current directory.

tar zxvf vme-2.0-2.tgz
Now that you have it unpacked, change to the vme2.0 directory and read the license.txt if you don't agree with it then delete the file and directory using rm -f vme-2.0-2.tgz; rm -rf vme in the directory that that you unpacked the archive in.

Your still here, great. You should be able to get going by reading the README file, and the other documentation in the docs directory, or click on the link below (Install/Upgrade How-To) for a step by step install/upgrade. Direct any other questions to

Install/Upgrade How to.