Connecting from Windows

To connect to Valhalla Mud from Windows (95, NT, or 3.xx) we will assume that you have a Winsock connection established by running Windows Dial-up Networking, Trumpet Winsock, America Online, Compuserve, Novell TCP/IP, or other Winsock software. In almost all cases, you would not be able to view this web page if you are not running Winsock, so fear not.

From this point it is best to use a telnet client or a mud client (which is a telnet client with some added twists) You may already have one and just not know it yet.

The Win95/NT Telnet client

Windows 95 and NT come with their own telnet clients which are satisfactory for many uses although I have found they are not very good for mudding. To run the Windows client simply click on the Start Button and select Run, at this time all you need do is type telnet and it will start the program, under the file menu you can select Connect and then Remote System, for Hostname you enter and for port number enter 4242, tada, you are connected.

Setting Up Your Client

Once you download and set up a telnet client, you can even tell your Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc..) where it is located so that clicking on telnet:// links opens it for you. In Netscape and Microsft Internet Explorer's Options, one section should be called Helpers (Netscape's General Options) or Applications, where it asks for Telnet client, you point it to the executable file that you may have just recently downloaded, whether it be CRT, Yawtel, GMud, whatever..
If you would rather, you never have to run those web browsers to connect to the mud, it is perfectly ok to run the telnet client from the Start Menu or Icon on the Desktop and enter in the address and the port number 4242.
Once you have set things up you can click here to play Valhalla.